Character Generation Guidelines and Racial Templates

Characters are base 150 points, with a maximum of -75 from disadvantages to increase your available point total to 225. Racial disadvantages do not factor into this threshold.

Campaign TL: 9.

This will require some retooling of characters insofar as equipment is concerned, but I think it will ameliorate issues brought to my attention by tooling around with the characters we have as is. Notably, DR will not be so unimpeachable (though it will continue to be relevant as weapons with armor divisors are primarily only available at a TL higher than 9), force swords and laser pistols will not be so readily available (to prevent silliness with parrying a fucking lightsaber, which was just silly and inconvenient to consider), and overall I think TL 9 suits the Shadowrun universe more completely than TL 10 does. All in all, it just makes the world easier for me to control, which ought to make it more fun for all of us.


After going over just about every source book for GURPS, I can build your character an advantage to do just about whatever you want, be it adding extra dice of elemental damage to pistol attacks to giving you cosmic fists. Just ask and I can give you a point cost.

Signature Gear: A point in this advantage gives you 75% percent in proportion to CAMPAIGN starting wealth, rather than the average of the party, due to it being wildly disproportional in value to less wealthy characters, and I don’t wish to punish a player that heavily invests in his characters wealth, skewing the average starting wealth beyond recognition and what I feel to be beyond the intent of the Signature Gear advantage. Please note that this is, in most circumstances, a buff. Be a penniless hobo with nothing to his name but three points worth of gear if you wanna.

Unique advantage, “I said NO!”: 30 Points

Choose a “Power Source” (listed below under limitations). A steely glare at a target with an advantage from your selected power source must make a health check. If they fail, they lose the benefit of all their advantages with that descriptor for a number of minutes equal to their margin of failure. This is a gaze attack with a range of 40 yards. You may use it twice per day.

Special Enhancement: “No, seriously. Stop it.”

Your gaze attack now disables ALL exotic and supernatural advantages possessed by humanoids, regardless of power source, as well as ANY advantage with a power source descriptor (even if it isn’t exotic or supernatural in origin). +200%

Author’s note: Purchase this advantage if you want the chance to negate a bunch of bullshit that you may not know how to deal with otherwise. I’ve read a LOT of GURPS material recently and there’s a lot I want to model.

Enhancements and Limitations

Power Sources: There are a few unique sources of power most exotic and supernatural advantages draw from, though any non-social advantage may utilize one of these limitations.

Cybernetic: The advantage only functions when turned on and is technological in nature. This makes it vulnerable to EM radiation and (most importantly) if someone with an advantage takes damage greater than 1/3rd of their HP from an attack with the surge descriptor, they must makes a HT check or the advantage shorts out for a number of minutes equal to the margin of failure (potentially lethal for life-supporting enhancements!). This limitation is worth -20%. Many advantages with this limitation also qualify for Temporary Disadvantage (Fragile).

Magical: Your advantage draws from the world’s ambient mana. In an area of low mana, your advantage ceases to function. Your advantage is also vulnerable to abilities that specifically target magic-users. This limitation is worth -10%. You may only take this limitation if you have the Magery advantage.

Psionic: Your advantage stems from a power source not currently well-understood, but is definitively metaphysical in origin. Your advantage is vulnerable to abilities that particularly target Psionics (of which there are many), and anyone with this limitation on any ability must make a will check when entering an area with significant nuclear radiation. Failure means that for the duration of exposure to nuclear radiation, the psion gains the Flashbacks disadvantage. Failure by 4 or more instead gives the Split Personality Disadvantage. Critical Failure temporarily gives the Epilepsy disadvantage. This limitation is worth -10%.


I’d like to clarify my stance on the Bloodlust disadvantage. For its point cost, it’s not fair to force a character with this disadvantage to double tap a foe when they are aware of other immediate threats. However, after combat it would compel a character with the disadvantage to check the vitals of fallen foes. On discovering a survivor, they make a self-control check and upon failing that they must take an action to finish off the unconscious character. I think this clarification satisfies the spirit of the disadvantage adequately while keeping the flavor, and not making it any more a hindrance than the -10 points deserves. In the past I’d too rigidly enforced the word of the disadvantage and made it more crippling than the spirit and the point cost deserved to be.

I’d also like to note that you are welcome to take either version of the Amnesia disadvantage. If you’re struggling with a concept or role playing, lemme just pick a character for you and you’ll literally be able to say you know nothing about yourself beyond your name. You’ll have enough gear to give you some contextual clues and I promise that you’ll be effective in combat.

Racial Templates

DWARVES: (Homo sapiens pumilionis) [26 points]

ST+1 10; HT+1 10
Size Mod –1 0; Will +1 5
Ext Lifespan ½* 1; Infravision 10; +3 HT vs poison 5; +3 HT vs Disease 5
Social Stigma: Dwarf –1 [-5]; -.25 Basic speed [-5]; -2 basic move [-10];
*Note: Dwarves’ aging thresholds are 75/105/135 years.

Elves: (Homo sapiens nobilis) [26 points]

DX+1 20
Attractive 4; Ext Lifespan 1 2; Night Vision 5 5
Social Stigma: Elf –1 [-5]

ORKS: (Homo sapiens robustus) [12pts]

ST+2 20; HT+2 20; IQ-1 [-20]
Night vision 8 8
Social Stigma: Ork/Troll –2 [-10]; Quirk (Ork “accent”) [-1] -.5 basic speed [–10] +1 Basic Move 5

TROLL: (Homo sapiens ingentis) [63pts]

ST+6 (–10% for SM+1) 54; HT+3 30; IQ-1 [-20]
SM+1 0; DR3 (tough skin –40%) 9; Infravision 10
Social Stigma: Ork/Troll –2 [-10]; OPH:(Troll “accent”) [-5]; -.75 basic speed [–15] +2 Basic Move 10

Shapeshifting Lizard-man:

Advantages worth checking: Radiation Tolerance, Zeroed, Illuminated, Gadgeteer, Gizmos, Digital Mind, Daredevil (Read as: “Hey, shouldn’t I get a +1 to this because it’s awesome?”) Extra Life

These are really just guidelines more than anything. Feel free to tailor your race however you see fit. But you can’t be undead, Skylar. There are no undead in the traditional sense. They just don’t jive with what I wanna do. Sorry, brah. Being a machine is okay, though.

Character Generation Guidelines and Racial Templates

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