A Brief History of the Entire World (2011-2076)

Until I’m more inspired to flesh out this article, this will only include a timeline of important events.

December 21st, 2012: Dubbed as “The Day Humanity Died” by the Humanis Policlub, a human supremacist organization, this was the first day that Dwarves and Elves appeared. These were the first of what would come to be called “Metahumans,” and unlike following metahuman races, were born to human parents.

2016: Feats of inhuman ability and extraordinary happenstance begin to occur, such a a skydiver surviving two failed parachutes after dropping to earth from the base of the mesosphere. Extraordinary robberies and other crimes begin to occur. Blame is put on metahumans and “black magic.” Black people disassociate themselves from this color, preferring the term “African American,” even when they’re of origin other than the Americas because of the poisonous, preachy American left-wing media making that the only acceptable term in the world and casting hate at the word “black.” The term “magic” is commonly used to describe these occurrences as it is discovered it can be used for purposes other than black.

August 15th, 2021: Approximately 6% of the world’s human population “goblinized” rapidly and suddenly into what would come to be called Trolls and Orcs. No sign of change was apparent beforehand, and this mass goblinization completed in the space of 7 minutes. As time progressed, many more humans (children at this time) goblinized during their adolescence. On record, no one has “goblinized” since 2030, nor have any orc or troll children been born to non-orc or non-troll parents. The one exception to this rule has been on the Von Krantz Expedition, where a single Venetian intern by the name of Mercedes de Medici, became goblinized herself into a troll at the age of 27.

April 3rd, 2039: Otto von Krantz, an Austrian physicist makes a journey to Teotihuacan in Modern Day Mexico at the behest of a colleague in archaeology. It did not take long for the scientists to determine something special has afoot. Directly beneath the throne in The Temple of the Sun, the large ziggurat at the end of The Avenue of the Dead, ground penetrating radar noticed what appeared to be a chamber that was alternatively nonexistent and infinitely expansive. Excavation revealed a metallic obelisk of uncertain origin that seemed to modify gravity. Otherwise, the interior was full of fine ceramic dust, dating from 400 AD to approximately the 13th century. The device was removed for further study.

July 28th, 2042: Today it is announced that, in cooperation with CERN, Dr von Krantz’s team has discovered the existence of what they termed “Dark Matter,” a substance that seemed to exist within the electron shell of atoms, which was until then thought to be impossible, through study of the obelisk excavated at Chichen Itza. It is revealed that all forms of energy that this substance becomes exposed to, when properly applied, are explosively replicated. Dr von Krantz’s team later isolates the technology from the obelisk that allowed this matter to be utilized in a manner that wouldn’t destroy Teotihuacan’s ancient stone roofs after more than a millennium of Aztec offerings being thrust against its roof and floor.

September 11th, 2042: It is revealed that “magic” as has been experienced and worshipped, is simply a manipulation of dark matter. Controversy ensues. Many people accuse Dr von Krantz and his colleagues of secularist slander. Others deify him. Still others use this determination as a means to justify violence against metahumans (as “Magic” had been used in the commission of many crimes up to this point, and it had only begun to occur after the appearance of metahumans).

December 7th, 2043: Civil war begins in Russia between native humans and metahumans. A paramilitary coup ensues and an anti-metahuman extremist organization seizes control of the country. This organization, the Chekov-Robotnik Front, declares war on all the allies of metahumans in the world (meaning everyone that isn’t a closed-minded xenophobic douche) and launches their stockpile of Cold War era nuclear weapons at every major city in a country that has offered human rights to metahumans. The world retaliates by wiping Russia from the map in kind (not a tear was shed, except by the World Wildlife foundation, because they thought there was probably at least one bear and one tiger lost in the multitudes of cacophonous bedlam. Or, you know, maybe just one of the two). Nuclear winter and global anarchy ensue.

2079: Present Day. Governments have in most cases fallen apart or decayed to the point of “figurehead” not unlike 21st Century Monarchs. Society has been partially reconstructed by large organizations; some charitable, most primarily privately-owned technology corporations. A large portion of what was once the United States (The Louisiana Purchase), along with most of Mexico and South America are an exception, and are controlled by the Indoamerican Collective, a regressive spiritualist theological oligarchy demographically diverse and accepting of metahumans, progressive in terms of social justice and competitive in terms of their position in the military-industrial complex. Greece ceases to exist because we all know they were close to implosion in the early 21st century and no one really gave a shit after magic became a thing. They’re all still there, it’s just that most governing bodies refuse to acknowledge its existence after the Classical Period because that’s when they all became bastards, apparently.

A Brief History of the Entire World (2011-2076)

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